Makhana’s are also popularly known as Popped Water Lily Seeds or Foxnuts . This amazing plant based snack is light, crunchy and power house of nutrition. India produces 90% of the world production of this superfood. The plant is cultivated for its seeds in lowland. The seeds are collected, dried, popped, roasted and sprinkled with our lip smacking flavours. Makhana’s are an exceptional source of nutrients that strike an ideal balance between well-being and indulgence!


Jowar also popularly known as Sorghum, an ancient grain touted as the fifth most popular cereal crop in the world. It is a nutrient-rich, plant-based protein source that is naturally gluten-free and high in antioxidants and also a good source fibre. Jowar’s popularity can be linked as a natural substitute packed with nutrients. This ancient grain, a member of the millet family, is gaining popularity as people shift away from unhealthy products to conscious eating.


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Roast Foods is my go to place for all healthy snacking options. My family and me snack on Roast Foods Makhana and Jowar Puffs almost daily and we love how the products taste clean, chemical free and super yummy. My personal favourite is the Schezwan and Sour Cream Makhana and my son loves all the Jowar Puff flavours. Also as someone, who is a bit obsessed with health, this is a perfect combination of taste and health. All the best Soniya, more power to you and your vision!
Sonia Shenoy
Senior Editor CNBC Tv18
My family's & my favourite snack option that's healthy and tasty. As a mother I am never worried when I hear the crackled packet sounds, as I know my kids are on to a healthy snack as I have replaced fried unhealthy snacks with roasted ones . My kids favourite are the Cheese & Parsley Makhana’s and Indian Spices Jowar Puffs. They are regulars in their school tiffin, vacation and even playdates. It's also a great gifting option. I have personally gifted these to my friends and family and they have not only loved it but it's now a regular on their grocery list.Thank you for the giving us a healthy, hygienically made, tasty and affordable snack option.Goodluck to the Team for all future endeavours!
Shweta Katariya Modi
Founder, The Earth School
My love for snacking and Jowar Puffs me to try this new brand which I’m sure many can find it now in most of the super markets! Made from Jowar this pack of puffs is filled not just with flavours but also with nutrients. Its gluten free, cholesterol free, rich in fiber and zero trans fat this snacking is clearly the best Jowar Puffs I’ve eaten! Mindful snacking at it’s best.
Food Blogger
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