Wheat Puff Mix

This scrumptious mix has the goodness of whole wheat fortified with pumpkin and watermelon seeds to ensure you have a nourishing and enjoyable experience. With every bite you take, you load up on anti-oxidants, omega-3 and omega-6 fats, micro-minerals and protein. This tempting treat has ample fiber, helps lower cholesterol, fights diabetes and promotes digestive healthy. Avail the goodness of whole wheat power packed with super foods with every munch!

Antioxidant Rich

Low Calorie

Idle Tea Time Snack

Why Wheat Puff Mix?

High Fiber
Good Bacteria
Lowers Cholestrol & Blood Pressure

Nutrient & Mineral Rich
Fights Diabetes



Loaded with fiber

Whole wheat is one of the best source of fiber. Fiber digests slowly and hence makes one feel fuller for longer. The fiber content also helps to keep the bowel movement regular thereby increasing metabolism and helping in weight loss.

Promotes good bacteria

Whole wheat contains lactic acid which promotes good bacteria in the large intestine. This bacteria in turn aid digestion, beef up the immune system of the body and also help in better nutrition absorption.

Helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure

Whole wheat reduces the amount of triglycerides in the body and also prevents the body from absorbing the bad cholesterol. Whole wheat also help in lowering the blood pressure and insulin levels.

Powerful antioxidants

The pumpkin seeds contain free-radical scavenging antioxidants which is very beneficial to the hair and skin.

Loaded with nutrients and minerals

The pumpkin and watermelon seeds are loaded with magnesium, copper, manganese, protein and zinc which prove them to be power-houses of essential minerals required for the healthy functioning of the body.

Help fight diabetes

Both pumpkin seeds and whole wheat help regulate the blood sugar and fight diabetes.