Who We Are

We are on a mission to make snacking healthy and with great taste! 
Since we can’t keep our hands off of delectable munchies, why not reap some benefits out of them too?
 We are devoted snackers, who against all odds, decided to innovate snacking alternatives…and voila! Our range of snacking are made with the goodness of ancient grains with a range of flavours while avoiding artificial colours and preservatives. To make it even more heavenly, all our products are roasted not fried. Also, did we mention that our range is completely gluten-free? 
That’s right! Now no one can give you that guilty look when you binge on your favourite Roast Foods munchies.

About Me

Hey everyone! I am Soniya, the founder of Roast Foods and a very conscious eater.

 Today’s on the go lifestyle has forced many to munch on fried snacks made from ingredients with little or no nutritional value.
My work life made me fall for this junk culture too.
With time my snacking obsession made me feel guilty, but also made me realize the lack of better options available.
I started researching plant-based seeds and ancient grains from which snacks could be made in a modern avatar. This is how Roast Foods was born!
With some trials, testing, and countless recipes, we can now provide you with lip-smacking snacks made with nutritious ingredients. Now that’s what we call “Smart Snacking.”
Our snacks are Roasted, Not Fried and packed with love for all you snackers. It’s time you serve your body with the good stuff!

Our Happy Clients!

Roast Foods is my go to place for all healthy snacking options. My family and me snack on Water Lily Pops and Sorghum Puffs almost daily and we love how the products taste clean, chemical free and super yummy. My personal favourite is the Turmeric and Thai Sweet Chili flavour and my son loves all the Sorghum Puff flavours. Also as someone, who is a bit obsessed with health, this is a perfect combination of taste and health.
Sonia Shenoy
Sonia Shenoy Senior Editor CNBC Tv18
My family's & my favourite snack option that's healthy and tasty. As a mother I am never worried when I hear the crackled packet sounds, as I know my kids are on to a healthy snack as I have replaced fried unhealthy snacks with roasted ones. My kids favourite are the Buttery Cheese Whole Grain Chips and Indian Spices Sorghum Puffs. They are regulars in their school tiffin, vacation and even playdates. It's also a great gifting option. I have personally gifted these to my friends and family and they have not only loved it but it's now a regular on their grocery list. Thank you for the giving us a healthy, hygienically made, tasty and affordable snack option. Goodluck to the Team for all future endeavours!
Shweta Katariya Modi
Founder, The Earth School
My love for snacking and Choclate Ragi Stix me to try this new brand which I’m sure many can find it now in most of the super markets! Made from Ragi this pack of puffs is filled not just with chocolate but also with nutrients. Its gluten free, cholesterol free, rich in fiber and zero trans fat. This snacking is clearly the best I’ve eaten! Mindful snacking at it’s best
Food Blogger
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