Ingredients: Jowar Flour, Edible Vegetable Oil (Sunflower Oil), Seasoning (Sugar, Salt, Tomato, Spices and Condiments).
MRP: Rs.60 Net Wt: 80g

Tomato Jowar Puffs

For such a small grain, sorghum packs quite a punch of nutritive values. Sorghum, being the fifth most important cereal crop in the world is a cereal grain plant of the grass family Poaceae. Found abundantly in India, sorghum has a rich traditional value in Indian cuisine and is also now progressing to find its place in breads, cereals and energy bars. What makes this versatile millet worthy of being a part of your daily diet?

Gluten Free

No Trans Fat

Cholestrol Free

High Fiber

Why Sorghum?

Keeps your digestion strong
Beneficial for diabetics
Keeps your heart healthy

Anti-aging antioxidants
Packed with nutrients
Ideal snack



Sorghum keeps your digestion strong

The fiber content, antioxidants, complex carbs and its detoxifying properties keep your gut and digestion going strong! Sorghum is a great alternative for people with gluten intolerance and can be a nutritious subsite to wheat.

Possess protective and anti-aging anti-oxidants

Sorghum contains anthocyanins and phenols that are known to contain antioxidant properties that fight the free-radical damage in your body. Antioxidants help build the body’s defense mechanism and protect the body from different ailments resulting from the rise of free radicals.


Beneficial for diabetics and keeps your heart healthy

Sorghum is one of the best millets when it comes to a complex carbohydrate source. With a good balance of complex carbs, fiber, potassium and antioxidants, sorghum can be beneficial in keeping your sugar levels under check and manage hypertension.

Packed with nutrients

This tiny grain is packed with nutrients that are essential for vital processes in our bodies. With its high protein content, beneficial fiber, significant amounts of calcium, potassium and cell-building B vitamins; the presence of sorghum in your diet can help you achieve optimum nutrition and keep ailments at bay.