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Hey everyone!

This is Soniya, Founder of Roast Foods! Mother of two beautiful daughters and a very conscious eater. But my daughters, like most other kids I know are snack food junkies! I was filled with guilt every time I handed over a pack of fried snack to them. I realized this was a similar concern for all soccer moms, millennial’s and professionals who are constantly on the go. That’s what got me thinking.. I started looking up for all the healthy ancient grains from which snacks could be made in a modern avatar. After lots of research and countless recipes, I created Roast Foods. Our snacks are Roasted, Not Fried and packed with love for all you snackers! I can now provide my kids with lip smacking snacks without compromising on the nutrition they need. Now that’s what we call “Smart Snacking”. It’s time you nourish your body with the good stuff!

Soniya Raisoni

Founder, Roast Foods



We’re devoted to living healthy

We at Roast Health Foods, strengthen your urge towards leading a healthier life. Developed by a team of devoted snackers, we encourage you to make healthier food choices at home, work and on-the-go.

Our snacks are natural and gluten free

We love good food but moreover good food that is healthy. Here at Roast Health Foods we believe in “Snacking Smart” without compromising taste. Our snacks are natural, organic or gluten-free